Legislative Issues

 APA RI collaborates with the League of Cities and Towns, Grow Smart RI, the Rhode Island Builder’s Association, and other organizations to carefully monitor and advocate for well-crafted legislation that affects all areas of community planning. Our Legislative Committee is generally comprised of teen to twelve individuals and supported by other interested Chapter members.

Legislative Corner (1/18/19):
The legislature is back in session! So our Legislative Corner is back as well.  Please keep an eye out here for news related to proposed legislation and calls for volunteers. This may be an "all-hands-on-deck" sort of year.
Building Height/Flood Hazard Bill 
There has been work on countering the effects of the building height/flood hazard bill which passed last session.  Several planners and building officials from impacted communities met with Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) staff to discuss the ramifications of this bill, and how communities need to counter the impacts of the much higher buildings that would otherwise be permitted.  CRMC Director Grover Fugate agreed to contact the RI Builders Association to set up a working group of CRMC representatives, builders, building officials, and flood plain managers representing municipalities to see if some corrective legislation could be drafted and adopted this session.  However, If your community has not made plans to amend your zoning ordinance to counter the impact of this change in the way building height is measured, you may face the prospect of much higher buildings in flood hazard areas (both coastal and riverine).  Please contact Jay Parker of South Kingstown or Jane Weidman of Charlestown with any questions on this issue.

Regular updates are provided by our Legislative Committee through weekly e-mail announcements or, where necessary, special alerts. We welcome any interested member to participate in these efforts. For more information, reach out to one of our Legislative Committee members.

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