The APA RI Chapter is governed by a set of by-laws that outline the structure and procedures governing our Chapter. As the by-laws explain, the primary goals of APA RI are:

  • to advocate for the use of sound planning principles in community affairs;
  • to educate practitioners on planning related topics;
  • to facilitate communication and networking amongst members and associated professionals; and
  • to build the capacity of the profession to affect change.

The by-laws, which were revised in October 2014, require that APA RI develop and maintain a five-year Strategic Development Plan to guide the long-term activities of the chapter, as well as an Annual Work Plan intended to guide the annual activities of the chapter.

APA RI is also governed by a set of financial management procedures, which were adopted in April 2014. The 2017 annual budget was adopted in March 2017 and governs the expenditure of chapter funds for the 2017 fiscal year.

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