Vision Workshop-Providence

Statewide Planning is taking on a public outreach campaign for their upcoming workshops, detailed below, for the Long Range Transportation Plan and Bike Plan.

Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)
The purpose of the Long-Range Transportation Plan is to develop a vision for transportation in the state over a 20 year planning horizon. This vision is comprehensive, covering all transportation modes (e.g. automobiles, public transit trains and buses, ferries, air travel) and sectors (e.g. commuter travel, freight). Learn more about the LRTP »

Bicycle Mobility Plan (BMP)
The Bicycle Mobility Plan (BMP) will take a more detailed look at the specific conditions, needs, and gaps surrounding bicycle infrastructure and operations in the State of Rhode Island and identify strategies and projects that could help close gaps, improve bicycling in the State, and achieve the 20 year vision set out by the Long-Range Transportation Plan. Learn more about the BMP »

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